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Bad Sex…Should I Stay or Should I go?

Hi T,

Read a few of your articles and saw how you helped some folks out with tips, and was hoping you could help me.  What would you do if you and the guy you’ve been seeing for 2 months finally have sex, and the sex is mediocre at best?  I’m in this situation now.  When we kiss, he is amazing at it.  Which is why I was surprised he was so blah in bed.  I don’t think I could be in relationship with someone that can’t please me.  Thoughts?


Not Pleased


“Invented Sex”…How Do You Know if You’re Good in the Bedroom?


When I was hanging with my friend and cousin, the topic of sex came up.  In our drunken convo, we were talking about how to know if you’re good in bed.  I mean my cousin was basically like you just know.  Either you got it or you don’t.  My friend on the other hand said you can tell if you’re good at sex, based on the reaction of your partners.  However, I raised point that people lie.  A guy may moan, and tell you that you are amazing in the moment, but he could be lying.  I’ve had bad sexual experiences with a guy or two, and acted like it was great, just so I didn’t hurt their feelings.  So again, how do you know if you’ve got that good, good?

-I Wanna Know