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Why You Should Be Happy It’s Monday

Happy Monday everyone, and congrats on making it to another workweek.  I know as a society, we’ve often gotten accustomed to hating Mondays.  We often sigh and complain about Monday being the furthest day from the amazing thing we call the weekend.  It’s within our weekly routine to see this first day of the workweek as this unexciting, gloomy, and dreadful 24 hours that puts an abrupt halt to our two days of fun and rest.  For some, it has become a habit to think of this day as the bringer of new problems at work with the same people they’ve grown to dislike in the confines of their office or cubicle. I know all about the “Monday blues.”  But over the past few years, my outlook of America’s favorite day to hate has changed.


What’s Wrong With Being Kept?

Dear T,

What’s wrong with being kept?  So me and some of my friends were talking, and they tried to call me out for only dating a certain type of man.  I’ll be the first to admit that I like a guy with a certain level of coin, and who is not afraid to spend some of it on me.  My friends think this is gold digger behavior, but I call it finding a security.  I mean think about, many marriages and relationships don’t make it because of money issues.  So wouldn’t it make since to date folks who have money?  Just saying.  What are your thoughts?


Mr. Bank of America