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Dear America, Enough with Your Fake Moral Outrage

moral outrage

Dear America,

I’m tired of the fake moral outrage when it comes to the LGBT community. Folks hide behind their roles as parents and their “perception of God” to condemn same-sex PDA, berate the transgendered community, and label all those that stand proudly behind the rainbow flag as “what’s wrong with this country.” And yet, these same individuals will let violent video games raise their kids, will endorse the most sexually degrading song lyrics from men about women, and won’t lift a finger to help children across color lines get access to a great education. But somehow, a simple kiss between two men is the end of America.

To the morally enraged parents, repeat after me. Being gay or lesbian is NOT a choice. A person’s sexuality is not learned behavior. If little Derek or little Amber comes out as gay, lesbian, or bi, it won’t be because they saw something on television or at the park. Heck if anything, I could actually argue that there are millions of people that have learned “hetero behavior” and are living fake and closeted lives. I mean, why do you think so many people get in heterosexual marriages, then come out later as gay or lesbian?

Now to those individuals hiding behind the cross, mind your business. As a Christian, and more importantly as an individual that has a relationship with Christ, I can’t recall one time in the Bible where Jesus gave brownie points to those who passed judgment on others. Save the derogatory and inflammatory DMs, posts, and protests about what someone else chooses to do with their own body. (I could easily take this sentence and run to another topic of conversation, but I won’t right now. IYKYK) If Lil Nas X kisses a boy, what’s it to you? You don’t hold the power to throw anyone to hell.  Here are some words of advice. Since God’s ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9), be open to the idea that you’ll never be in a position to condemn anyone because you don’t know all of God.

If you’re still reading this letter, let me finish this off by sharing a list of things that Americans should be more concerned about than how those on the LGBT spectrum live their lives. First, let’s talk climate change. Unlike same-sex acts, climate change is something that really is life or death. Also, inflation and the incredibly overpriced housing market are things that should be of concern to everyone. Oh and duh, Covid is still technically a thing.

And while I’m fully aware this letter may never reach all the naysayers and haters it’s intended for, to my brothers and sisters under the rainbow, I say to you, Happy Pride and do you!

Best regards,

Tavion Scott

(IG: accordingtot, Twitter: _accordingtot_ )

By the way, make sure you check out Season 2 of Majoring in Me the Podcast. Tristan is still Black. Still gay. And adulting is still kicking his ass.

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