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Season 2 of Majoring in Me the Podcast

Season 2 Majoring in Me the Podcast

Hello Folks!

I’m here to hit the reset button on the release of Season 2 of Majoring in Me the Podcast. Long story short, my initial release rollout hit a snag with some production issues. However, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The extra time gave me the opportunity to think about the future of not only the audio drama, but upcoming projects I’m attempting to develop. And with that said, let’s get to some important announcements.

First, the Season 2 premiere will officially drop on Monday, February 15, 2021, on all major podcasting platforms, including my newly added channel on YouTube. I honestly can’t wait for you all to hear where the story of Tristan and company is headed in his second semester. Not to give too much away, but the introduction of new characters brings on even more drama than last season, and somebody hits rock bottom.

Second, let me touch more on that newly launched Youtube channel. As with the other platforms, I’ll be releasing episodes on a weekly basis there. But unlike the other platforms, I’ll also be placing some exclusive behind-the-scenes clips on Youtube. Not only will I give my take on each episode in small segments called “Talks with Tavion”, but at the conclusion of Season 2, I’ll be uploading some interesting conversations I had with your favorite characters (actors) about their thoughts on everything that happened during Tristan’s spring semester.  Meaning, you’ll definitely want to subscribe to my channel.

Lastly, I need some assistance from you all the fans. While I love creating content you enjoy, as I continue to improve upon my craft and develop new and exciting projects, I’d appreciate your continued support in the form of likes, shares, reviews, subscriptions, and donations. Not only does it take a ton of time to create each audio drama episode, but it also takes some money. Going forward, I’d love to develop a Season 3 of Majoring in Me the Podcast, but that will largely depend on the love I get from you all. So make sure you’re hitting the like button, sharing the podcast with your friends and family, and subscribing on the different platforms. And if you really value my work as a creator, donate using Paypal.

That’s all for now, but make sure you’re all caught up on Season 1 and all the “Road to Season 2” episodes.


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