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Things to Keep in Mind for Your 2018 Vision Boards and Resolutions

Hey folks! I hope everyone is ready to tackle these last days of the year, and walk on into 2018. Personally reflecting on 2017, I have to say it was quite interesting.  I took some steps out on faith, which in some ways is new for me. See, I definitely have faith in God, but most actions I’ve taken in life have been well-thought out. I’m a card-carrying member of the “Type A Club”, so I like everything planned and organized before I even think of stepping out of my comfort zone. I typically have the answers to the questions, who, what, when, where, why, and how before I make a move. But this year, I took a step of faith out into the unknown. Some things panned out and others didn’t.  If nothing else, I’ve learned some invaluable life lessons.

2017 also brought about closed doors and rejection for me.  And I’m learning as I get older, rejection is perfectly okay. Not everyone is going to recognize my visions as great, or see the potential in all I have to offer.  That doesn’t mean those people are idiots, it just means that they weren’t chosen to be a part of my support system in my travels toward my destiny. Plus, rejection I truly believe is what helps gives individuals the strength necessary to succeed in their calling. Heck, the successful biographies of J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey, and Walt Disney are all built on a foundation of “Nos.” So instead of wallowing in rejection, I push forward.

Now I share my brief learning recap of 2017 with you all, because I’m going to give you some advice for 2018. Some tips I think you should include in your vision boards, your resolutions, and your daily affirmations in the New Year.


  1. Have Resilience in Rejection

If you’ve been fortunate to be have tapped into your gift, and know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord has placed a specific calling on your life, then you have to be relentless and resilient in the pursuit of your destiny. You can’t allow strangers and those in your inner circle to discourage you from going after what’s meant for you. I understand that it gets hard. I get that your own insecurities paired with the doubt family, friends, employers, big shots, and “irrelevants” may offer you can take a toll on you mentally. But you can’t give up.

Instead, remember that your vision is YOUR vision. God gave it to you.  Because He gave it to you that means not everyone is able to see what you see. Therefore, they can’t possible understand what you’re chasing and why. And know, that if God put you on the path to your destiny, he will present the right people and circumstances to help you attain your dreams. You just have to keep moving. (Helping myself out with this advice, as I help you all LOL.)  So in 2018 when you face rejection, take a quick moment to recover from the blow, then move forward.

Suggestions: Of course pray.  But also, seek out people who have a similar calling on their life and see how you can help each other stay focused and get ahead. Also, pick up Pastor John Gray’s book, I Am Number 8.


  1. Flexing Your No

Next year, exercise your right to say no. Sometimes as humans, we feel obligated to say “yes” to everybody and everything, causing us to be overextended. We use time, money, and resources on situations that we have no business using them on in the first place. Especially, when we know that time, money, and those other resources could be better spent on much needed self-improvement projects, bills, or the pursuit of our goals.

Oh and trust, I’m guilty of not flexing my “no” nearly as much as I should be. I’ve found myself saying yes and wasting my time, and sometimes coins, on situations I could have avoided if I just spoke up and said no. I agreed to go to some things because I didn’t want to disappoint people or hurt someone’s feelings. However, every once and a while I found out after I wasted my time and funds, that the person I was worried about disappointing wouldn’t have really cared if I didn’t make an appearance.

So in 2018, tell people no.  Yell it from the roof top if you have other things you want to spend your money and time on. For example, some of you may be working on trying to start your book, or buy a house, or travel the streets of Madrid and Rome for a couple of weeks.  If you know saying yes all time to go out to this bar and that club is preventing you from pursuing those dreams, then say no.

Suggestions: Don’t be afraid to be honest with your friends as to why you are relying more heavily on your no. Start saving and spending time working on your craft or working toward some personally fulfilling.


  1. Shut Up and Finally Start the Transformation

Again, this is another moment of me helping you all and helping myself at the same time. There are certain areas in our lives where we all want to improve. Whether that be us wanting to make physical changes, relationship changes, mental mindset changes, or all of the above. Yet, despite the desire to transform, most of us fall short of making sweeping changes. Well in 2018, be different.

If you, like me, want to transform your body, then actually make a commitment to a workout schedule and a manageable diet. Don’t continue to give yourself excuse after excuse. “Well there’s always Spanx.” “Oh I don’t look that bad if I suck it in.” “I’m still pulling the boys.” “I’ll wait closer to the summer when it’s not cold.” Stop the madness, and just start the weight loss or body transformation, and shut up.

Oh, and don’t go overboard on a diet and workout plan you can’t realistically maintain past a few weeks. I’m all for going hard, but changing your body is a marathon not a sprint.  It takes time for changes to happen, and you want to alter your lifestyle for good. Not just for a month.

Also, don’t be afraid to change your mentality out in these streets. Try doing things you wouldn’t normally do, if you feel stuck in park. If you feel like you want more out of life. Do some things you’ve never done to get somewhere you’ve never been.

Lastly, if friendships and/or a relationship are no longer working, then you may want to start distancing yourself from people. I know it sounds a little cliché, but cut people off in 2018 if they are toxic and don’t wish you well.  You don’t have to be rude or nasty about it either.  Simply explain that your peace of mind will no longer be so low on your list of priorities.

Suggestions:  Start looking up what diet plans and gym memberships and schedules are most manageable for you. Google is still a phenomenal tool.

Happy New Year!!!

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