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Another Moment with Euphonious K.Z.G.: Gratefulness Day 2017… What a day to remember!!

Blog #3 let’s goooooo! I really wanna talk about my actual gratefulness day with you all because it ended up being AMAZING!! So usually I’m a bit sad on holidays whether it’s from not having a companion to spend the time with cuddling and just loving each other or whether it’s the constant reminder of watching my family drift apart over the years (heartbreaking). This year I actually wasn’t down though. I was pretty content and ready to spend the day to myself, sleeping, video gaming, listening to music, and just being creative.

At the time, I had been crashing with a friend until my apartment is ready and another one of his friends by the name of Jeremy Copeland has been staying here as well during his transition to ATL from LA. Well our mutual friend went gone out of town for the holidays, so it was just him and I left to the crib. Jeremy ended up inviting me to spend the day with him visiting his family and friends. At first, my introversion and nervousness about meeting new people and energies had kicked in and I was actually ready to say, “Nah I’m good”…but I thought to myself “hoe what else are you doing?” lol so I said yes I’m with it. I’m so glad I did! Jeremy’s West Indian family had a vegan feast prepared which excited me as I’m preparing to become a vegetarian. The food was soooo good! There was tofu I tried for the first time, a plethora of West Indian foods, and these ginger drinks and I love ginger! The whole family was very welcoming and loving; his grandmother even prayed over me because something told her to do so…I greatly appreciate things like that.

The time drew for us to leave there and head to his friend’s house…his friend ended up being TS Madison! Yall…the nerves that wrapped my body lol. What if her energy was bad? What if it was a bunch of socialites there who might look down upon me, what if it led to an anxiety attack? So many things played in my mind but all of it was for nothing. She is the sweetest woman and her energy is very loving and bright. Such an important person to the LGBTQ community and BABY SHE CAN THROW DOWN IN THAT KITCHEN!! I met beautiful people like makeup artist Envy, author and podcaster Craig Stewart, and Miss Mary.

But the best part of the day came from the conversations that were had in that kitchen…except it was no longer a kitchen but instead a haven…a place of love. We had deep conversations ranging from coming out stories, sexual identities, the black church, the black and LGBTQ communities, elitism and social hierarchies, the peter pan syndrome and molestation, educating the LGBTQ youth and giving back…but I think the best one was the dialogue and perspectives on how hard it is for LGBTQ youth to talk to their parents about the things they are dealing with and vice versa. There are misunderstandings and a disconnect where neither parents nor children think about what the other is going through at that point in time.  Workshops could help in this pivotal moment in lives for both groups.

All I could think about is how grateful I am for being able to share in that with them and it reminded me of how the higher powers have been putting me in positions to meet people who I can learn and grow from, people who I aspire to meet. We shared, we cried, we laughed, we loved, and even healed in that space. I just want Maddy and Jeremy to know how grateful I am for inviting me into their personal spaces and putting me around love because it really meant so much to me. If you’re reading this thank you, I ended that day FULL physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I ended that day with love and memories more than enough to be grateful for.


Ps: You all can follow and book makeup artist Envy on Instagram @thewyldcard, the amazing choreographer Jeremy Copeland @jeremycopeland_ and find Craig Stewart’s two books “Words Never Spoken” and “One Thing for Certain Two Things for Sure” on Amazon.

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