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Insecure’s Lawrence vs. Daniel… Who Would You Choose?

Lawrence vs. Daniel

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the amazing show Insecure, let me warn you that this post will contain spoilers.  So before you read any further, do yourself a favor and watch the series.  Heck, stop missing out on a movement. Issa Rae created something that is “hella” creative, “hella” funny, and “hella” reflective of the awkwardness that exists in all of us.  Particularly, when it comes to matters of the heart.   But anyway, onto the premise of this post.

My best friend and I have found ourselves having a conversation about the two main love interests in Issa’s life, Lawrence and Daniel.  Lawrence is the once long-time live-in boyfriend.  Although he didn’t have a steady flow of income at the time of their coupledom, he was an aspiring tech entrepreneur.  He’s a tall handsome guy, and was extremely loyal to Issa.  The guy probably would have cut off his leg to spare Issa any kind of hurt or pain.  However, Lawrence appeared to let his relationship get stale.  Apparently sex became too routine, dates consisted of take-out in the apartment, and Lawrence at times let his scruff get the best of him. A situation of fizzled romance.

On the other hand, you have Daniel.  To Issa, Daniel is that one that got away.  You know the type of guy I mean.  That guy you had some of the best times of your life with, and you somehow forgot why you two parted ways. Daniel seems to be doing quite well for himself in the music industry. And where Lawrence is a handsome guy, Daniel is just outright fine. (Let’s take this moment to give a standing ovation for the fine chocolate brothers with body and gorgeous white teeth.) 

Now while I can’t really attest to the loyalty of Daniel, he seems to want to be loyal to Issa.  Oh, and the romance between Daniel and Issa is as far from stale as you could possibly get. However, the downside about Daniel which will drum up haters, is the fact that he knowingly cheated with Issa.  He was aware that she wasn’t single, and didn’t seem to care. To those haters, they believe someone willing to cheat with you will have issues of loyalty down the line in terms of a relationship.

Having presented cases for both these gentlemen, I have to profess that I’m team Daniel.  Moving passed his obvious sex appeal, I think Daniel is just a dope guy as a whole.  Neither him nor Lawrence were working traditional jobs in season one, but had dreams of making it big in their respective fields.  However, Daniel paired his vision with real hustle.  He actually made moves to get where he wants to be in the music industry.  It’s also extremely endearing that Daniel has been in love with Issa after all of these years have passed (or at least deep like).  Especially considering Issa basically told him that she had an itch, and he was just a scratch at the end of season one.  How many guys do you know that would be able to move past that blow to the ego, and still try to be with the girl?  And yes, I think Daniel would be with Issa right now if she didn’t keep pumping the breaks.

In conclusion, let’s all hope that Issa and Daniel seal the deal officially. While I’m almost certain that won’t happen given Lawrence’s regular standing on the show, a man can hope.

Speaking of hope, let’s hope Insecure is renewed for at least 5 more seasons to come.  And hope Dro becomes a series regular.

Catch the premiere of Season 3 Sunday, August 12, 2018 at 10:30PM on HBO.

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