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Your Dreams are Bigger than the Pettiness and Shade!

I putting out a challenge for personal elevation. Stop concerning yourself with every person that throws you shade. Let go of your pressing desire to return petty for petty.  And please do yourself a favor, and tap into your ability to turn the other cheek.  I’ve come to learn, that sometimes in your effort to seek revenge against someone you think that has wronged you, you are mostly likely accomplishing two things.  One, you’ll be wasting time.  The time you spend plotting and scheming on someone, is time you won’t ever get back.  It could be better spent on your dreams and hustles, but instead you will be giving it someone that won’t contribute to your bank account or happiness. Second, when you seek out revenge, you are allowing whoever wronged you to further consume your energy.  You give them expressed permission and consent to continue to antagonize you.  Not to mention, you prop them up to a position in your life they don’t need to have.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saint.  I’ve had plenty of moments in my life where I tapped into my “inner Scorpio”, and sought a little retribution.  For example, there have been times on social media when someone has attacked me for simply stating an opinion, and I made it my mission to clap back.  However, as a part of my own journey of growth and maturity, I came to realize that in most cases, returning a wrong for wrong, or petty for petty, is an unnecessary added distraction.  I don’t know about you, but I have dreams I’m striving to achieve.  And with family obligations, friendly commitments, body goals, a love life, and Netflix and Game of Thrones, life already has too many distractions for me to choose from.  Heck, I didn’t even mention social media and the NBA season.  It’s just not within my schedule to add spots in my day to plot an opportunity to get back at the haters and Captain Pettys of the world.

Besides, can I let you in on a little secret? Nothing gets under a petty or shady person’s skin more, than you paying them dust.  To ignore attacks from him/her, and remain in your unbothered state of mind, will drive the individual up the wall.  That right there should serve you enough satisfaction.  And the best part is, you don’t have to dedicate any time to the situation. So you’ll be happy going after your dreams, and the other person will be miserable and focused on you.

To wrap up this brief post, allow me to leave you with this.  Beyoncé once said in one of my favorite tracks “Formation”, that

the best revenge is your paper

While some may choose to believe that she was focused squarely on money, like to think that the lyric means that the best revenge is to live your life to the fullest.  To completely and utterly be unbothered by haters, naysayers, or overall shady people.   To be happy in spite of their jealously and hate, without dedicating them any of your precious time, energy, or words.

Anyway folks, Happy Monday.  Make this week a great one!

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