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Guess what…Good Guys Cheat Too!


In many circles, cheating is seen as one of the world’s most heinous acts. It’s not as bad as murder of course, or theft, or maybe even treason.  But countless people are disgusted by the act of cheating.  Especially, when they are the victim in the scenario.  When they are the one whose trust has been betrayed by a love of their life.  All of a sudden, the accused cheaters become public enemy number one and bottom feeders.  However, all cheaters shouldn’t be written off as “pieces of shit” or “the world’s worst people.”  Why?  Because good guys cheat too.

You read right.  Good guys cheat too.  I know movies and television shows depict people that commit infidelity as some Big Bad Wolf like characters, or the spawns of Satan.  However, cheaters aren’t always terrible people.  More often than not, cheaters are decent human beings that have made a mistake. They don’t make it their mission to break hearts or destroy relationships.  They just have lapses in good judgment.  Which by the way, we all do.  None of us are perfect. And you don’t have to be perfect to be a good person.  If that was the case, than we would all be the “Big Bad Wolf,” as perfection is an unattainable goal.

For those protesting that they’ve never and would never cheat or be unfaithful to a partner, let me say that I completely believe you.  I believe that you wouldn’t make a mistake of that kind.  But are you capable of telling me that you’ve never raised your voice at your partner without cause?  Are you capable of telling me that you’ve never lied to an ex about something?  Are you capable of telling me that you were always receptive to all your exes’ needs and desires?  That you never neglected them in relationships?  I sincerely doubt it.  And that doesn’t mean you’re some evil person.  You could just be a good person that made bad judgment calls.  As is the case for good guys that don’t stay faithful.

I say all this to make a point (if it isn’t clear already). Decent men make mistakes.  It’s possible they will fall in their quest to remain faithful to their loving partner.  Unlike most folks, I’m not necessarily an advocate of people calling it quits just because a boyfriend is unfaithful in the relationship.  Again, no one is perfect, and therefore, no relationship is perfect.  Every partnership will have its ups and downs. And if you know a person is a wonderful partner and the love is real, should you throw all that away because a good guy made an error?

Oh and on a final note, I’m not giving infidelity a pass.  Cheating isn’t an alright thing to do.  Nor am I advocating people stay in relationships, and constantly be cheated on and disrespected.  I’m just saying know the difference between a kind and loving faulty man, and a habitual cheating snake (LOL)!

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