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Are You Living or Surviving?

Hi there folks,

I wanted to take some time out today to share with you all some inspiration.  Over the last few years, I’ve grown to learn more and more about the difference between living and surviving.  I know some of you may be reading this and preparing to write this article off as cliché or an already labored point, but hear me out.  I’m certain this won’t be a waste of your time.

Growing up, I was often coached by my mother, grandparents, teachers, and family friends about the importance of going to college, getting a degree, and earning a steady paycheck to pay bills and stash away money for retirement.  While that is all sound advice, it neglects a very important aspect about life. Living.

All throughout grade school, I was determined to get the best grades, join as many activities as possible, and cozy up to the best teaching staff for the purposes of recommendations, all in the name of trying to get into college.  Then once I earned my spot in undergrad, received my bachelor’s degree, got a job, then entered my MPA program, I started questioning what I was doing.  I began contemplating what exactly I was working toward.  Somehow I found myself working hard toward a vision not of my own, but of those around me.  I was completely lost to my own destiny. I’m not sure if any of you know how that feels, but I’ll tell you.  It feels like your Jim Carrey in that movie The Truman Show.  You wake up day after day stuck in a routine not knowing how you got there, or how you can escape. Not to be too dramatic, but it’s a suffocating experience.

Well, after reading some literature from Bishop T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen, hearing a few encouraging words from a dear friend, and spending countless hours on my knees in prayer, I realized that I had to chase the calling on my life.  I had to utilize the talents I believed I was given.  That’s when I began writing.  At first, I started developing the story for Majoring in Me: Acceptance.  From there, I created According to T.  And now, I have a few different things in the pipeline as I’m determined to be both a successful novelist and T.V. writer and showrunner.

While I’m not able to sufficiently support myself on just my writing alone YET, I have some satisfaction in knowing that I’m working toward that point.  It’s feels good to know that I actually am striving toward something I’m passionate about, and uniquely qualified to attain.  Even when I have tough days and struggles with the chase of my dreams, I’m able to eventually always smile because I now know what it feels like to live and not simply survive.

Look, I’ve come to realize that not enough people are pursuing their calling in life because they are constricted by the fear.  Fear of uncertainty, and the daunting fear of failure.  However, if you don’t ever make a point in your life to question the nature of your existence, you will constantly live in survival mode.  From now until you die or retire, you’ll get up each morning and go to a job you absolutely despise, to earn money to survive. You won’t know what it feels like to really live life, and walk in the happiness and peace of knowing that you are laboring for a distinct destiny that only you can fulfill.

So I guess the advice I offer you today, is to stop and think about your current living situation.  Are you in fact living or just surviving? I’ll give you a little clue in answering that question.  If you don’t have at least one goal in life that excites you when awake, and at times keeps you up at night because you’re busy trying to attain it, then you’re probably in survival mode.  If you are lacking passion in your life that isn’t tied romantically to a man or woman, then you’re probably in survival mode. And while I’m not at all encouraging anyone to quit their jobs, I am encouraging folks to question whether their job is fulfilling their life’s purpose, or merely a stepping stone to their true calling. (There’s nothing wrong with staying in your current job to use the income to fund your passion.  Heck, trust me when I say it’s a good idea. Dream chasing can get expensive initially.)

Now for those like myself that feel they have a desire to become a writer, allow me to help get you started.  By choosing to subscribe below, I’ll send you a short spiel on what it takes to become an author and self-publish your work. I’ve often been asked about how to begin and get through the self-publishing journey, so I decided to share some of the information I’ve often told others.

Anyway, as always nothing but love,


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