Advice for the New Year: Evaluate Your Inner Circle

As 2016 nears a close, and 2017 rapidly approaches, I want to take some time this week to give you all advice I sincerely hope each of you carry into next year.  There are three tips I want to share, but on this post I will share just one.  Today I’m suggesting that everyone evaluate their current inner circle.

Most people that have been employed at least once, are familiar with performance reviews.  These reviews occur every several months or annually, and during them a supervisor accesses how an employee has been doing in his position.  The supervisor is basically trying to determine if an employee has been a help or hindrance in the company’s efforts to achieving its mission.  Helping this head honcho reach a conclusion on whether a worker is incompetent or not, he tries to remember if the employee has been consistently reliable with showing up and doing the work.  If the supervisee has displayed loyalty to the company.  If the person has been a good representation of the overall brand of the company.  Again, most people are familiar with performance reviews.

Now allow me to pitch this idea. We as human beings are the supervisors of our own lives.  Heck, we are in fact the CEOs our existence.  We only report to the board of directors (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit).  That means, it’s important that we conduct performance reviews of the people in our lives. Each of us has to evaluate whether the people in our inner circle are doing their jobs as members of our support systems. We have to look at our friends and family from time to time, and think about if they’ve been reliable to count on when we needed them.  If they’ve been loyal to us and never attempted to sabotage or harm us.  If our so-called “ride or dies” have been “ride or dies”.  Like a profitable company, we as humans can’t be profitable if we have the wrong people around.

Having said all of that, if you realize you have people in your life that don’t support you or wish you well, show them exit in 2017.  Keeping them around will do more damage to you than anything.  Sometimes, part of what’s holding us back from traveling into the next season of our lives is the fact we can’t let go of the right people with the wrong motives and baggage.  Think about it.

And while we are on the subject of kicking people out of your life, let go of those folks that are sucking all of your positive energy, and giving you nothing but negative vibes in return. Disassociate yourself from those that always are complaining about something.  Give the boot to people that have nothing but drama to pull you in. Put some distance between you and those that always cast doubt on your dreams and ambitions.  In a world where things happen unexpectedly on a daily, and every breath of life is a blessing, don’t waste your short time here on earth entertaining unsupportive and/or miserable people any longer.  “Honestly, Truly,” I hope you take what I’m saying to heart.

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