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Sometimes a Hello Is Just a Hello

As crazy as it may sound, it’s becoming harder and harder these days just to be nice.  At times it seems as if no one believes a man or a woman can show common courtesy and be polite without having ulterior motives.  If you tell a person “oh you look great, where did you get that shirt”, that somehow means you’re throwing a subtle dig at him for his appearance.   Or if you return a hello, then that low key means you want a person in the most romantic of ways. It’s like you can’t be a pleasant and enjoyable person, without your behavior being misconstrued.

Look folks, not everything is about throwing shade.  I understand in a culture where Bravo TV occupies your Sunday night, clap backs dominate your timelines, and many people seem to thrive on pettiness, that people exuding niceness in its purest form is unusual.  However, there are men and women out here that enjoy displaying the good home training mama and grandma taught them.  They’ll smile and say hello.  They’ll speak kind words when spoken to.  They’ll even pay you a genuine compliment.  And guess what, these nice human beings do all this without malice or an intent to read.

Also, a person saying a simple hello or flashing the pearly whites at you, doesn’t necessarily mean he’s trying to jump your bones either. At all!  As the title states, “sometimes a hi is just hi.”  I’ve seen folks take a simple greeting, and let their mind convince them that the person that gave it to them wants to get in their pants. I’ve often replied to an in-person or online hello with a hello of my own. I didn’t necessarily want the person that spoke or messaged me, I just wanted to show common courtesy.  That simple.

I understand to a certain extent why people think being nice equates to flirting though.  This generation is one where guys and girls have gotten in the habit of relying on subtle gestures to determine if a person is interested in them.  You know what I mean.  Many in the dating world use emojis, Facebook poking, and serial liking of posts on Instagram to convey their feelings.  Since that’s the case, there are those that believe you taking the time to respond to a “sup” or “what’s good”, must mean something.  It must mean you want them.  Truth be told, if more people would just be bold and express their attraction in clear cut ways, perhaps there wouldn’t be so much confusion when somebody is just trying to be nice.  But that’s a conversation for another day and post.

In short, just remember guys and gals, nice people are in fact in the world.  So let them exist, without making it harder for them to be who they are.  Heck who we are. LOL! I for one like showing people kindness and not living with a permanent “resting b*tch face” on display.

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