The Nice Guy vs. The Bad Boy

When it comes to dating, the root of this paradox has been around for generations. Single men and women in the dating world have often wrestled with which type is best suited for them. While the brains of many loudly scream “nice guys make great mates,” the adrenaline of their loins scream “boring.”  Hormones will have them chase after that thrill and excitement of the bad boy.

tumblr_n19vsyomno1qfuhxmo1_500If I’m to be completely honest, I understand the attraction to bad boys.  I’ve come across bad boys back in the day that got me hot and bothered. You know the kind of boys I’m talking about. The kind that’s willing to buck the very system you find yourself obliged to follow. The kind that slightly arouses you because you don’t know what they will do next. The kind that you know will keep it spicy in the sheets. Again, I get the attraction to bad boys. However, as you grow older and get mature, you realize the bad boy is usually not the reliable lifetime partner you hope to have.

The thing about bad boys, is that most of them are in fact still boys. They can’t possibly be the man you hope to have, because they themselves haven’t crossed the threshold of manhood. I’m all for a person disagreeing with the system, but always taking short cuts to cheat it and “buck it” is not cute as an everyday routine. And unpredictability is fun, until you realize you can’t count on a man to do what he said he’s going to do, and be where he said he will be. Oh and hot sex may feel good and curl your toes, but wondering where someone’s fun stick has been all night and day, is more stress than anyone should want to have.

Now I know movies and television shows will have you thinking that you can reform the bad boy. That you can change and mold the bad boy into the perfect man. However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you can’t change a person unless he wants to be changed. So clinging onto the hope someone will change his ways when he doesn’t show you any signs of at least trying to do that, is a waste of your time.

62f538d742111c15de43dfbae010bdcfLet me also say, that the term nice guy is not a synonym for boring.  Well, not always. There are plenty of nice guys that are a package of excitement in the streets and in the sheets, and will even treat you like you’re worth it. Go figure. Speaking as a good guy, I literally have to shake my head at the assumptions made about us. In short, wake up and go get you one. Stop messing around. LOL!

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