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I’m Going to Miss Mrs. Obama

While the world is continuing to laugh at the blatant plagiarism of Melania Trump, and Donald Trump and company continue to deny the reality of said plagiarism, I found myself this morning focusing on First Lady Michelle Obama.  I like many of you, again watched clips of her speech from the 2008 Democratic Convention.   Back then, just like today, she was the epitome of grace, class, and intellect.  And after doing a little reminiscing, I was reminded by the extremely sad fact that come January, she’ll be out the White House.  *Insert a MAJOR sigh*

Over the past eight years, I have come to really love this lady and her husband.  And there are so many qualities to admire about her.  Let’s start with her style. She is the most fashion forward First Lady since Jackie-O herself.  Heck, I would probably rank Mrs. Obama over Mrs. Kennedy Onassis in most regards.

Michelle-Obama-Style-and-FashionMrs. Obama doesn’t wear dresses that flow down to her ankles, or cover her neck with glorified turtleneck sweaters.  She’ll show a little skin, and embrace her amazing figure.  Plus, every time she wears something, the dressmaker sells out of the item online or in stores the very next day.  Talk about a trendsetter.



Then there’s her intellect.  Before her and her husband moved into the White House, I knew she was intelligent based on her degrees and former law profession.  But every time she opens her mouth, it’s as if even the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in awe.  Always so poised, rarely ever stutters, is never nauseating, and her message is consistently right on the money and empowering.  Your spirit feels uplifted in a sense by her words.


Now I understand that in this day and age of clap backs and “Team Petty,” celebrities are applauded for their clever responses to hatred and ignorance.  However, the current FLOTUS never bothers to lower her standards or level of class, to respond to her naysayers and cyberbullies.  She doesn’t bash Fox News, she refuses to go back and forth with the likes of Raven Symone and Stacey Dash, and ignores the disrespectful online personalities on Instagram and Facebook.   Instead, she like Beyoncé believes in the sentiment

“Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper.”

Mrs. Obama remains classy, and lets the haters continue to vent.  Heck why should she respond?  Her approval ratings have been through the roof since she’s been the first lady.  As a matter of fact, she’s sitting high with 79% approval ratings.  Bloop!

I can only hope that when she and the president leave their official capacity in January, that she continues to be the amazingly beautiful public figure that she is.  Also, I hope to one day meet her.

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