I Like Him, But Can I Ask Him to Shave?

Hi T,

Just came across your site, and love it. You should think about doing videos. But anywho, I got a little issue. This guy who I’ve been talking to finally decided he was ready to give up the goods. Trust me when I say I’ve been waiting with so much damn anticipation. Well when ole boy got naked, he had so much hair. I like a little hair because of the manliness of it is hot, but after a certain amount, it’s just gross.  A hairy manhole is just not it.  Even though I fooled around with him that night anyway because I was really horny, I can’t have that experience again. Do you think it’s okay to ask him to do better and shave or something?

– Why So Much

Dear Why So Much,


Thanks for writing to me. I love hearing positive feedback on the site, so I appreciate you letting me know that you like it. And that video idea has been one I’ve been toying with, so stay tuned. May play with some things in the very near future.  Now to your question.

Man maintenance can be a tricky thing.  Everyone has their personal preferences for their own body.  Then in this midst of this complicated thing called dating, each man you choose to be with will have his own preference as to what he’d like to see.  And I haven’t even gotten to the whole process people go through to clean up their nether regions.  The razors, the shaving creams, the Nair, the Magic Shave, and the burning if you’re not careful, is just a lot to do every two weeks.  Well, depending on how fast or slow the hair grows back that is.  So I get if your new boo decided to be stress free and be “natural” for real.

With that said, I think it’s perfectly fine if you want to tell him you aren’t cool with the whole “let it go, and let it grow” display he’s rocking.  You just have to make sure you present your case in a very tactful way.  Your goal here is to have him shape up, not to push him away because he feels insulted. Keep that in mind when tackling this issue.  Also, remember that at the end of the day, it’s his body.

Suggestions going forward.

  1. When you present your case to this guy about your hair preferences, start by paying him compliments. Be honest, and talk about all the things you find attractive about him both physically and otherwise.  Then, ease your way into bedroom talk.  You can start off the conversation with something like,

“You’re so sexy.  And the other night when we hooked up, it was definitely something special.  I want to take things up a notch next time.  But in order to do that, we both have to be willing to try some new things.”

He’ll ask what you mean, and then you can make your maintenance request.  But make sure           you are willing to do something that this guy may request of you.  There is a definite                       possibility he will want you to do a favor for him, if he is doing one for you.


  1. There is a chance this guy denies your request for him to get rid of some body hair, so mentally prepare yourself as what you will do if he does just that. Would you continue to rock with him and his hairy box?  (Joking)

As always nothing but love,


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