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Majoring in Me (Acceptance) is Officially Available

Hey Folks,

It’s here! It’s finally here! Majoring in Me (Acceptance) is now available for purchase. Wow that sounds so crazy for me to say.  What started out as some writing in a notebook about two years ago, is finally a published body of work.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.  But with my excitement comes a healthy dose of anxiety.  I’m not afraid to admit that to you all either.

To put your creativity, an extension of you, out there for the masses to consume and judge, is a bit nerve-racking.  However, I believe that I created a novel that many readers will enjoy and be able to relate to.   I hope after reading Majoring in Me (Acceptance) people feel empowered to live their lives truthfully.  That they come to understand that living a life trying to please others is not in fact living at all.  Also, I hope readers become inspired to ask for help accepting themselves if they need it.

Anyway, make sure you get your copy today!  It’s available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Createspace, and on my good person (if you catch me in the streets, I’ll have a copy ready for ya).  Click on the link below, all the details are there, including more on the Majoring in Me story. Oh and if you want a sneak peak, I got you covered.  Subscribe and get a free chapter.

As always nothing but love,


(Majoring in Me)

P.S. Let me know what you think of the book.

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  1. Restless in Philly says:

    Man congrats. Got to get

    1. AsAccordingToT says:

      Thanks. Please make sure you do

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