Is It OK to Message My MCM?

Hey T,

Quick and simple question.  Do you think it’s a bad idea to inbox your MCM?  My friends think if I were to do it, that I’m being super thirsty.  But I don’t seem the harm.  Not like I’m sending nudes or anything.  Thoughts?

-One Life to Live

Dear One Life to Live,

Thanks for writing to me.  I decided to publish my response to your question today, given that it’s Monday.  So I appreciate you waiting briefly. The short answer to your question, is No.  I don’t think it’s a bad idea to inbox your MCM.

As I’ve stated before, I really agree with the words of wisdom once spoken by rapper Ace Hood.  “Closed mouths don’t get fed on this boulevard.” If you have an MCM, and want him to transition into your BF, then there is nothing wrong with expressing your interests through a message.  It’s perfectly find to slide into his DM.  However, here is where your friends have a good point about being thirsty.

I most certainly don’t advise you to message someone that you know isn’t single.  I would never encourage anyone to attempt to wreck a happy home. I’ve always believed that comes back on a person, when he is ready to get in a real relationship of his own. Plus, doing that can definitely be qualified as thirsty, and bring about the wrath of an angry partner.

Also, if you and you’re MCM aren’t aligned sexually, then going into his inbox is really futile.  You can’t expect anything to develop between you, so what’s the point.  If you’re homosexual and your MCM is heterosexual, sending him a DM would just be barking up the wrong tree.  And even though the world is steadily evolving, some straight guys really aren’t fond of being hit on by gay men.  Some ignorant and immature straight men in fact, will put the person on blast or send that individual a threatening or offensive response to show their disdain.

Suggestions going forward.

  1. If sending a message to your MCM, make sure you don’t send any nudes. Keeping it classy will play in your favor if you have a real interest in the guy.


  1. Always keep it respectful. So if at any time you are initiating contact with a man, and you ead off by expressing what you would like to do sexually or romantically with him, then STOP YOURSELF! You’ve messed up and gone too far.


  1. I wouldn’t advise that you message every man that you find attractive either. You’d be surprised who knows who, and I’d hate for you to gain a reputation on any of the many social media platforms.

As always nothing but love,



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