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Does Size Actually Matter?

Dear T,

This may seem like an age old question, but I would appreciate your take on it.  Does size really matter?  I feel like I’ve had this conversation several times with my friends, and the end result is always the same.  A few of my friends say they can’t deal with anything small poking at them, while others say it’s all about how a guy works it.  But what’s too small and too big?  Just curious to hear what you think.


Just Want Answers

Dear Just Want Answers,

Thanks for writing to me.  Let me start by saying that you are absolutely right about this being an age old question.  Society has developed this notion that “bigger is better.”  In America especially, we’ve applied this mantra to meals, homes, and cars.  It’s like we collectively want more bang for our buck. (Excuse the pun.)  And this need for bigger has spilled over into sexual desires.

Let me drop some science on you.  The average length of an erect penis is a little just over 5 inches.  According to an article found on Dr. Oz’s website, roughly 15% of men actually have an erect penis size longer than 7 inches, and only 3% of men have a size larger than 8 inches.  And finding a man with a penis 10 inches or larger is like finding a white tiger or a panda bear. LOL!  (Penis Size)  I say all that to make a point, most men are not Mandingo in these streets.  As is the case, we shouldn’t be so hung up on the size of the boat.

Now I get that the profiles you come across on Jack’d and Grindr will give you the impression that most men are seriously packing out here.  But changing a few numbers on a profile, and taking zoomed in pictures of gentiles at an angle, doesn’t change the facts about size.  Having said all of this, theoretically given the statistical norms, size shouldn’t matter.

And let’s be real, some folks are equipped with some large tools, and can’t do a thing with them.  These men carry around these larger pieces, will think all they have to do is stick and move, or just lay there and enjoy the ride, and it’s all good.  Such men are just extremely boring in the sack.  They won’t earn a meal at Taco Bell, let alone Red Lobster.  Plus, there are some penises that are entirely too big for anyone to do anything with besides pet and look at. LOL!

On the flip side of things, some guys are toting around an average size penis know how to please a partner sexually.  They know which buttons to press, which bells to ring, and which whistles to blow.  They will offer you one of the most memorable of nights of your life.  So in this regard, size doesn’t matter as much as the “the motion in the ocean.”

Suggestions going forward.

  1. If you happen to be gay, check out a question I answered about what makes a good top and a good bottom. (Top’s Bottom, Bottom’s Top) I make a point not to talk about size at all.


  1. And more important than size is confidence. A man being confident in the skin he’s in, is hot.


  1. Regardless of the size of the tool, men should just learn how to work what they have, and work it well.


As always nothing but love,



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3 thoughts on “Does Size Actually Matter?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well I guess that’s it lol

  2. Just Want Answers says:

    I’m so fact checking my friends.

    1. AsAccordingToT says:

      LoL you should

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