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Dear Straight People… Five Misconceptions about Gay Men PT. 3

Alright ladies and gents.  I decided to shatter some more misconceptions about gay men that heterosexuals out there have.  And like the last two times, this not to chastise anyone, but to help enlighten some minds. So read on folks.  Enjoy!

  1. There Is a Gay Agenda to Convert Straight Men

Here’s the thing.  There has long been speculation that there is a collective agenda in the homosexual community to persuade straight men into pitching for our team.  As if we make it a part of our life’s mission to convert the sexuality of the masses.  There are at least two major things wrong with this myth.  First and foremost, no gay men has the power to make anyone do or become anything they aren’t thinking of doing in the first place.  If someone you suspected to be heterosexual starts taking dips in the man pond, blame the man not the pond.  The second thing wrong with this myth, is gay men have bigger and more important things to do than trying to flip your next door neighbor.  Trust me when I say that.

  1. Gay Men Enjoy Being Friends’ Personal “Gaydar”

I’m perhaps about to tell you something your gay friend may not ever share with you due to fear of hurting your feelings.  But most of us same-gender loving folks don’t want to spend our days and nights trying to help you figure out if your sister’s new boyfriend, your coworker, or your potential new date likes men.  Again, we have bigger and more important things to do.

Now if you happen to come across a homosexual man such as myself, he may teach you a few things so you can develop your own “gaydar.”  He may show you what to look for and what clues to pick up on.  However, if you become equipped with the “gift,” it is not your job to go around calling people out and labelling them.

  1. “Gay Lingo” Is a Must in Conversation

I know some of you are super supportive of your homosexual associates and friends, and I personally want to thank you.  However, it really isn’t necessary for you to sound like a walking gay stereotype in order to communicate with us.  There is no need for you to use phrases like “yes hunty,” “what’s the tea,” “shady boots,” or “read for filth.”   I promise, if you talk to us like you talk to your heterosexual friends and family, we will still understand you.  And to be honest, when some you choose to use “gay lingo”, it becomes weird for us.  Imagine hearing your grandma knowing Fetty Wap lyrics and singing them to you.  The awkwardness you would feel in that situation, is what we experience at times when we hear some of you utter things like “face is beat to the gawds.”  Nothing wrong with straight laced English people!

  1. Doing Yardwork and Handy Work is NOT Our Forte

It kind of baffles me on how so many people underestimate the capabilities of my homosexual brothers.  Despite the image of gay portrayed on several television shows, many homosexual men know how to rake leaves, mow the lawn, trim hedges, shovel snow, change headlights, assemble household items, in addition to doing other things with our hands.  Plus, countless homosexuals actually know the difference between a flat-head and a Phillips head screwdriver.  So don’t be shocked that we know how to navigate a shed and a tool box.  Be a little embarrassed that you unnecessarily misjudged our skillset.

  1. Gay Men Really Want to Be Women

Not true! Not true! Not true!  We may appreciate the male form like a heterosexual woman, but by no means does that mean we want to be of the female persuasion.  I for one am quite happy with my man bits, and am invested in my manhood.  And there are many men such as myself that feel the same way.  We may like hotdogs, but we don’t want the traditional bun if you catch my drift LOL!

With that said, I think it is worth noting that there is an entire Trans population that exists.  They have desires of identifying with the opposite sex.  However, just because these individuals identify with the opposite sex, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are homosexual.  I’m not the expert on the Trans community, but I do know gay does not mean trans and trans does not mean gay.  If you are still confused, please do the research.

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