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Firing Off Friday: Top 5 Moments of Premiere Week on TV

Happy Friday folks!

I, like many, have a difficult time saying goodbye to summer.  The end of summer means no more backyard cookouts, no more warm sunny days on the beach, no more drinks on city rooftops, and no more t-shirts and shorts.  However, one of the best things about the emergence of fall is the return of great TV.  And this week, we saw some of entertainment’s best.  For those that tuned into the Big Four networks, I’m sure you could agree.  So as a part of Firing Off Friday, I decided to list the top 5 moments of premiere week.

  1. The Muppets Are Grown and We Like It


Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Muppets.  I loved watching Kermit interact with Miss Piggy, and Fozzie Bear and Gonzo play their dutiful roles as sidekicks in the various movies.  Oh and Muppet Babies was one of my favorite cartoons.  So when I heard the Muppets were returning to TV, and in primetime no less, I was pleasantly shocked.  While excited for their return, I couldn’t figure out how kid like characters would fit in adult programing hours.  Well having watched the first episode of The Muppets, I can tell you all that America’s favorite puppets are really grown and not so kiddie.  That was evident in Fozzie Bear recapping his online dating experience using the “bear” term, and Kermit actually saying “hell.”  I know some people won’t like the Muppets maturation, but I’m all here for it.   On a side note, I’m still trying to sort out I feel about the split of Kermit and Miss Piggy, and the emergence of Denise.

  1. Law and Order: SVU Is the Wise and Entertaining Grandma that You Always Want Around


One would think a show going on its 17th season may by now be a little stale.  However the writers and actors over at NBC that work on Law and Order: SVU have made sure that’s not the case.  I still find the show as intriguing and captivating as ever.  Granted I have to catch the show On Demand due to the fact I like to watch Empire on Wednesday nights, Olivia and crew still have the special touch.  I just wish Stabler would make a surprise return.  Anyway, if you have a chance to check out its season premiere, do it.  It was quite interesting.

  1. Sally Langston Is More Annoying and Hypocritical than Ever, and Mellie Gets Read Continuously

As a Gladiator, I for one was thrilled to see last night’s season premiere of Scandal. The season four finale left viewers with so many questions.  Like how Olivia and Fitz would proceed with their relationship?  And what would happen to Mellie and Cyrus?   Oh and would anybody help Huck? Well last night, a few of those questions were answered.  However, those that watched the episode were thrown somewhat of a curveball by the most annoying Sally Langston.  The fact she has a TV show where she is able to get on her soap box is ridiculous.  Especially since she is a murderer calling out everyone in the White House for their “sins.”  For the life of me, I still don’t know why they just didn’t let her go down for the murder of her husband.  She could have been out of the picture a long time ago, and she wouldn’t have spilled the biggest kept secret of the show.


And poor Mellie didn’t really stand a chance this episode.  She attempted to shade or read Elizabeth North, only to have her face cracked.  I mean I watched like most of you, and was speechless.  Then Mellie came face to face with Fitz.  Fitz is probably my least favorite character of the show, yet he too managed to read his still wife.  Let’s hope Mellie starts to channel her inner Bernadine from Waiting to Exhale soon, and takes back some power.

By the way, any word how the British royal family felt about last night’s show?

  1. The Plot Twists in How to Get Away With Murder Will Drive You to Drink


Shonda Rhimes and company rarely disappoint, and yesterday’s triumphant return of Viola Davis to TV was no exception.  HTGAWM kept me on the edge of my seat.  First, I was floored to find out that Bonnie actually killed Rebecca.  Then I was stunned to see movie X-Men’s Jean Grey walk through the doors.  (I’m a huge Marvel universe fan, and like the first two installments of the film franchise.)  But the twist of the night was in the last 30 seconds where viewers saw Annalise bleeding out on a floor.  I don’t know what Shonda has up her sleeve with this show, but I plan to be watching.

  1. Lucious Lyon Is Always the Trump Card


It’s quite clear that over on Empire, Lucious is the ace of spades.  While in an orange jump suit behind bars, he managed to wield his “power.”  Let’s run down the list shall we.  He is seemingly pulling Jamal’s strings to run the record label.  Lucious outwitted Cookie and the rest of his family in securing Mimi as an investor.  And when Cookie’s actions put the whole Lyon crew at risk, it was Lucious who bailed them all out.  This premier episode once again proved why I personally have a love/hate “relationship” with the Terrance Howard character.

Bonus. Anita aka Anika Can’t Dyke Right

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning my favorite line from the small screen this week.  Cookie still reigns supreme as the Queen of one liners.  In an effort to secure an investor for Operation Hostile Takeover, she pretty much pimped out Anika.  Well after Mimi sided with Lucious despite Anika’s efforts, that’s when the line came, “You can’t even dyke right.”  When I heard those words, I couldn’t help but to literally laugh out loud.  Man I missed Taraji on Fox.

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4 thoughts on “Firing Off Friday: Top 5 Moments of Premiere Week on TV”

  1. The Geek in Chic says:

    Love love love Empire. I stayed home this Monday to take care of my boyfriend who was sick with the Fle, and he had me start watching this show. Needless to say, I got sick myself from taking care of him but I it was well worth it because I watched 10 episodes that day. Such a good show. And the premiere of season 2 was epic. Cant wait for the rest of the season.

    1. According To T says:

      Empire is my show. And you owe your boyfriend the biggest thank you for introducing you to the epic Cookie and crew. LOL. And the premiere definitely had its WOW moments lol

  2. TeamCookie says:

    When Cookie said that line I flatlined for like 2 seconds

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